All kids deserve to have fun playing with new toys at Christmas, regardless of whether they have disabilities, impairments or learning disabilities. No company understands the importance of this better than Safe Care Technologies, who offer a range of switch adapted toys to allow for easy toy interaction.Tolo Train Set

We’re selling a range of fun and engaging sensory toys with auditory and visual feedback to keep your little ones entertained this Christmas, and all year around. There are toys for early years and more advanced toys and games for the older children– so there really is something to suit everyone in the range – from Johnny the Tractor, to Percy Pig and beyond. Playtime with disabilities doesn’t have to be a challenge. Instead bring some a smile to your child’s face this festive season. Prices range from €45 to €180, and parents may be eligible for a VAT refund on special aids and appliances.

Switch adapted toys are toys that can be adapted so that their original switches are redirected to a larger one that is easier for the child to interact with. This makes it easier for children with limited fine and gross motor skills, who may struggle with regular toys. We all know the importance of playtime cause and effect, a key aspect of your child’s development, and we have just the toys to help them in this developmental process.

Playtime for kids with autism doesn’t have to be frustrating, it can be fun rewarding, and educating. We also offer a range of sensory room solutions using environmental controls to further excite and enhance learning experiences, which can be tailored to the user needs.

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