Wireless Buttons for Environmental Control

We got some interest and questions regarding a Facebook post we did during the week regarding wireless buttons and how we integrated them with an environmental control system
2016-05-11 10.13.37

Basically from the photo we can see that we have a tray with a number of regular buddy buttons mounted. The cable that normally connects to a device for switch access from the buddy button is actually connected to a wireless sensor that is behind the buddy the button in the grey mount you see in the photo. These wireless sensors then communicate with the environmental control system allowing us to program each one for a different function

eg. red button turns on TV, blue button opens curtains, yellow button turns on lights and green button opens the door


As you can see there are no wires and the solution is quite neat and can serve a number of different situations. We are using this one for a client with cerebral palsy who might not want to always use a tablet or device and just wants simple quick control.

All very easy 🙂


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