What assisted living technologies can offer you.

Assisted living technologies and services enable people to live independently and give you and your family peace of mind by allowing you to
remotely control your living space.

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Safe Care Technologies can give you the freedom to manage your home whatever your challenges are.

The main aspects of home control Safe Care Technologies can help you with are:

Controlling Lights:
Helping you save money by allowing you to remotely turn off lights where ever you are in the home.

Open and Close Entrances:
Providing safety in your home and peace of mind.

Adjust Heating:
Not just a safety feature, it will also save you money as you can save money by allowing you complete control of your heating system.

Monitor Security:
Giving you and your loved one peace of mind and easy access to security features of your home. Our solutions also allow remote access of your control system.

Control Entertainment Systems:
Turn on your favourite TV channel or listen to music easily with our solutions

Users of Safe Care Technologies can control all these parts of the home by a variety of methods like eye gaze, voice activation, touchscreen or a wheel chair switch.
Whichever suits you best and is easiest for you.

Contact us here to find out more about what Safe Care Technologies have to offer.


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