Our Switch adapted toys are activated by the push of a switch or remote control!

We have hand picked a range of Switch Adapted toys to suit kids with different disabilities and impairments making playing with popular toys possible. Ranging from Mr Tumble and Micky Mouse with an external Switch, to Minions and to BB-8 with external remotes, these popular toys are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Switches are not included with Toys and can be purchased separately.

To find out more or to order your very own Switch Adapted Toy today please

Call us on 0212428566 or email hello@safecaretechnologies.com

Switch Adapted Toys

Freddy Fish

Unicorn Racer

Tolo Train Set

Vibrating Pillow

TOLO First Friends Car

Thomas the Tank Engine

Storidoo Story Teller

Scottie Dog

Westie Dog


Robbie Rabbit

Rainbow Unicorn

Porsche 918

Pip the Penguin

Peek-a-Boo Peter

Percy Pig

Grasp Switch

De Longi Microwave

Washing Machine

Henry Hoover

Peek-a-Boo Bear

My First Scalextric

Mr Tumble

LED Magic Power Globe

Lucy the Switch Adapted Dog

Little People Fire Engine

Little people School Bus

Little People Airplane

Johnny the Tractor

French Bulldog

Flora the Rabbit

Flappy the Elephant

Drumming Monkey

Club Petz Unicorn

Club Petz Llama

Dotty Dalmantian

Early Learning Domino Train Set

Remote Controlled Bugatti Chiron

Dance and Move Beat Bo

Dance and Move Beat Belle