It’s not just devices we provide, we have an entire range of software solutions that work alongside our product range to compliment and assist our users.

Our software range helps our users with communication, literacy and language skills, working with intuitive and engaging software applications we are able to completely tailor a solution to fit each user. We use symbol based technology with smart modern interfaces that are simple to navigate for it’s users. We also provide some of the smartest speech generation software on the market teamed with message banking that provides its users a way of preserving their voice.

Not only are our software solutions clever, they are powerful, providing independence where it may have been lost.


    Learning language, achieving literacy, and becoming an independent communicator is a journey with many stages. Tobii Dynavox Snap + Core First® meets each communicator wherever they are on that journey and evolves with users as they grow. 



    Communicator 5 is an AAC software platform that converts text and symbols into clear speech, and offers easy-to-use tools for computer access, e-mail, text messaging, telephony, environmental control and more. Communicator 5 comes with language content designed to match all AAC needs, from emerging communication to literate adults.

  • Windows Control

    Windows Control consists of Mouse Emulation, which replaces the traditional mouse cursor with your gaze, as well as the award winning Gaze Selection, which gives you relaxed and ergonomic computer access.

  • Pathways

    Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 10.53.18

    Tobii Dynavox Pathways™ is a free companion app for Snap Scene. It is developed to help parents apply best practices and proven techniques for how to impact their child’s communication.

  • VocaliD


    Just record 2-3 seconds of the sound of your voice, and using a data base containing 6 million sentences contributed by 15,000+ members from over 110 countries, VocaliD will create a personalized voice for you that sounds like yours.

  • Boardmaker


    Boardmaker is a trusted tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to create symbol adapted accessible curriculum materials for students – regardless of their abilities

  • Snap Scene


    Snap Scene is a perfect app for in the moment learning opportunities. Take a photo and tag it with recordings to let your child communicate on the fly. Snap Scene turns everyday moments into chances to learn to communicate naturally. It’s that simple!

  • Gaze Viewer

    Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer - Recording

    Gaze Viewer is an assessment tool that helps you understand an individual user’s physical capabilities, cognitive understanding, and use of an eye tracker. With Gaze Viewer and a Tobii Dynavox assistive technology eye tracker, you can record real eye tracking data from any application, whether from the Internet or e-books, games, movies and more.

  • Message Banking

    Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 15.02.37

    Message Banking is a way for individuals, like those with ALS, to preserve their voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends.

    The goal with Message Banking is to provide a free and open message bank for people at risk of losing their voice, like for those with ALS. It lets you preserve your voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends.