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Windows Control

The Power to be in control

Tobii Dynavox eye tracking technology has helped thousands of individuals, some suffering from a spinal cord injury or ALS, lead more independent and happier lives. It does so by allowing you to access a computer and the Internet using only your eyes – no mouth sticks, switches or head mouse needed.  Simply look at the computer screen and control the mouse cursor with your eye movement. It is fast, ergonomic and gives you access to the many ways that a computer can enrich your life.

Windows Control is the software that enables computer access on a Windows PC via eye gaze and switch input, replacing the standard keyboard and mouse.



Compatible Operating Systems 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
System Requirements Processor: 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
Dual-Core processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 450 MB available
Software Languages Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English (US), Finnish, French (FRA), German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (BR), Spanish (MX), Swedish
Keyboard Languages Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK, US), Estonian, Finnish, French (CA, FRA), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi),  Polish, Portuguese (BR, PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish (ES, MX, US), Swedish, Turkish, Xhosa, Zulu
Compatible Eye Trackers Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go, PCEye Mini, PCEye Explore, PCEye Plus, EyeMobile, EyeMobile Mini, EyeMobile Plus, Tobii 4C
Incompatible Eye Trackers Tobii Dynavox I-Series, I-Series+
Compatible Tobii Dynavox Software Windows Control enables eye tracking in: Communicator 5, Snap + Core First, Compass, Gaze Viewer.
Windows Control can be used together with Gaze Point.
Incompatible Tobii Dynavox Software Windows Control does not enable eye tracking in: Snap Scene, ALL, Boardmaker Student Center.
Windows Control cannot be used together with Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software.

Additional information

Benefits – Power to be You

With the Windows Control software, you can operate your computer using only your eyes and enjoy:

  • Greater personal independence – Regaining a healthy level of personal independence is possible through Tobii Dynavox eye tracking devices that provide you with access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Social networking – You can take advantage of all forms of communication, write emails to your friends and family, access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and give friends and family updates about yourself through a blog or a personal website. You can even use it to make phone calls.
  • Artistic expression – Artistic expression through gaze interaction is also a healthy way to spend time, acquire new skills and promote creativity, all things that can increase health and happiness.
  • Independent recreation – Taking part in some type of recreation is a way to pass the time, have fun, learn, and stimulate your mind, while improving your overall happiness and health. Accessing a computer and the Internet through eye control without the need of an assistant is one way to enjoy independent recreation.
  • Full, ergonomic computer access – Using gaze interaction can be easier on your neck, shoulders and body tone than using a head mouse or a switch.
  • Access to environmental control – Environmental control works by remotely controlling IR enabled devices directly from your computer. With it you can take control of things in your surroundings at home or in the office like lights, telephones, TVs, DVD players, toys and more. Being able to control devices via gaze interaction allows you to regain much of your freedom and independence.
  • Remaining in work or school – With the ability to use a computer, also via an eye tracking device, you can greatly improve your chances of remaining employed or finishing school.

Built for an outstanding user experience

Windows Control shortcuts screenshot

We want to create a single unified experience when using any Tobii Dynavox software title, so that working between them feels seamless and effortless. Windows Control is aligned with Tobii Dynavox software and speaks the same design language. Color schemes are adapted automatically to Windows, merging it perfectly and making the software feel like it is a part of Windows, and it is now even easier to find your way around due to increased conformity and better usability.

Getting started with Windows Control is easier than ever before. With the brand new Configuration Guide you follow three simple steps that guide you through the setup process. First, type in your license code, then set up the eye tracker and calibration properly and finalize with your user registration. This will send you directly to a comprehensive, but easy to follow tutorial that includes several videos, images and helpful information about getting started with Windows Control.

Screenshot of the settings in Windows Control 2

For additional help and support, we created a dedicated section in the Windows Control settings. There you will find a comprehensive ecosystem of support with online help, articles, FAQs as well as the Getting Started Tutorial – ready to use whenever you need it.

Your future-proof companion

The entire software and especially the Windows Control Shortcuts are built to be flexible, while keeping future improvements in mind. This way, we can adjust and modify the shortcuts according to the latest innovations as well as your needs and preferences. Windows Control is compatible with most of our eye tracking hardware which ensures that the software will support you on your journey and you don’t need to adapt constantly.

The next generation Windows Control opens the door to the entire world of Tobii. We will be able to take quick and regular advantage of the continuous innovations in eye tracking technology – in hardware quality, software features, firmware and algorithms improvements, Research and Development resources and more –  from the global leader in eye tracking technology, our sister company, Tobii Tech.