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Universal Tabletholder 7″-13″

Rehadapt’s Universal Tablet Holder – the “one” so many users were waiting for – is finally here!

Highly adjustable tablet holder for mounting any tablet from 7″ to 13″, with and without protective cases, on Rehadapt’s Universal Device Socket (UDS). Adjustable with knobs and with an Allen wrench size 2.5mm. Compatible with the EyeGaze Bracket (#16.1193).


Jump-start your communication, learning, and language journey with Indi, the all-in-one AAC tablet complete with integrated, extra loud speakers. Pre-installed with Snap + Core First, the easiest symbol-based software for early communicators. Also included is a whole ecosystem of support and a 30-day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Additional information

This element will stretch across the whole screen by default.
If you put it inside a color section or column it will only take up the available space