Eye Gaze 19.5 Inch
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Eye-Gaze 19.5 inch Screen

A 19.5” Lightweight, affordable, All-inOne PC with HD display, edge to edge touch control & built in 3hr battery back up provides extraordinary reliability, cutting edge low power design & acoustic performance at an affordable price.

Designed for simplicity with an easy access chassis featuring appropriate connections for a great user experience; Just 1 cable for power for clean, unobtrusive, clutter free computing wrapped in Intel’s latest impressive Baytrail platform.




Jump-start your communication, learning, and language journey with Indi, the all-in-one AAC tablet complete with integrated, extra loud speakers. Pre-installed with Snap + Core First, the easiest symbol-based software for early communicators. Also included is a whole ecosystem of support and a 30-day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

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This element will stretch across the whole screen by default.
If you put it inside a color section or column it will only take up the available space