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BJ Enabler Bed

Control your bed

Enabler Bed is a custom-made device with 4 relays that allows controlling the up-down movements of the head and feet of a motored bed, using any of our controllers.

The Enabler is installed between the bed’s engine and its standard remote, avoiding to override the manual operation of the bed.

  • You will be able to control the movements of the bed in an accessible way.
  • Does not override the manual operation of the control of the bed.
  • Easy to install, without the need for further adaptations.
  • Radio frequency system that overcomes walls and obstacles.
  • Available for different bed models, please ask us.

This device is part of our environmental control solution.

Suitable for

  • Physical disabilities: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disorders…
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury…