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The power to express yourself

Allowing you to have a voice and live more independently.

Safe Care Technologies provides a wide range of products that work together to create a real assistive technology solution to help people with a disability or impairment live a better quality of life.


Choose from a range of different Communication (AAC) devices that we have available to help users with different disabilities or impairments that can be assisted through touch, Eye-Gaze or Switch Access.

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Access Methods come in many forms. Here in Safe Care Technologies we believe everyone should have a voice. We have hand picked the best in assisted technology products to bring you a wide range of touch, Eye-Gaze and Switch controls for users with disabilities or impairments.


All users should have the ability to live as independently as possible whether it’s turn turn on the television or open a door, we offer a range of different Controllers and Enablers that work together with your communication device to give you complete control of your surroundings.


Sensory stimulation is important no matter what your age is disability / Impairment you have. We provide the best in Multi-sensory equipment from standard multi-sensory stimulation equipment to the SHX System.


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Who are Safe Care Technologies?

Safe Care Technologies have been providing assistive technology solutions across Ireland since 2012. They are now a leading developer of assistive technology products as well as a recognised supplier of leading products from big name brands such as Tobi Dynavox.

Our team at Safe Care understand the ever changing demands of assistive technology, our knowledge is second to none.

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We work directly with educational providers, parents and users to create a solution that is bespoke to the user. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Safe Care Technologies team.