We offer some of the most innovative and useful environmental

control systems available on today’s market.

Living with a disability or Impairment

Our aim is to help you gain as much independence as possible at home. No matter what your disability or age, we offer peace of mind for families and independence for you as the user. Don’t let your disability hold you back, using the latest in smart technology, environmental control can wirelessly communicates and control many of today’s modern technologies.

Our Environmental control systems are developed by BJLive.

Control options

Our remotes allow you to control the various elements of your home in a simple and integrated way. Opening and closing doors and blinds; activating and controlling elevators, hoists, lifts; or turning on and off lights, TV, stereo or air conditioning.



Control any device in your home from your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone using this customisable remote control.

Control USB


Control any device in your home from your Windows computer or tablet in a customised manner using this remote control.

Control 6

Control 6

Control your household devices in a simple integrated manner. BJ-Control 6 allows you to comfortably control the devices in your home.

Control Pro

Thanks to its infrared learning system you will be able to use a single accessible remote control to control the household devices which work using a remote control.

Control Button


The simplified environmental control solution that enables you to control household devices in the easiest way through infrared access.



This cloud-connected assistive device provides users with control of their smart devices and environment.


Receivers that control the different elements of the home, such as motorised doors, blinds, lights, doorbells… and can be activated remotely via our system’s remote controls or an external push button

safe care enablers

Enabler Socket

Enabler socket +

BJ Enabler Socket + is a “Plug and Play” device that allows you to turn your household appliances on/ off and switch adapted devices via any BJ System controller or by means of a switch.

Enabler Alarm

BJ Enabler alarm is a “Plug and Play” device that allows you to send out a warning signal by using any of the BJ System controllers or the switch that best suits your needs.

Bed Enabler

BJ – Enabler Bed is a custom-made device that allows you to control the up-down, head and feet movements of an electric adjustable bed remotely, using any BJ -System controller.

Enabler Electric Motor

BJ Enabler Electric Motor is a device with 2 switched relay contacts that allows you to control two different functions of automatic elements, such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture, etc.