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Boardmaker is a trusted tool for parents, teachers, and therapists to create symbol adapted accessible curriculum materials for students – regardless of their abilities

Discover Which Boardmaker Software Program is Right For You! Whether you are looking to create a picture schedule, working to meet modern educational standards, or even teaching a new language, there is a Boardmaker Software Family program for you

Boardmaker Online is a complete system for delivering personalised instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress.

It is also the one special education solution that supports your entire team. Designed to benefit entire districts, departments, and individual classrooms, as well as the unique needs of the students within them. Regardless of who you are… Boardmaker Online was made for you. Find your role below and discover how Boardmaker Online could benefit you!


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How is Boardmaker Online different from other Boardmaker Software Family products?

Boardmaker Online is a web-based subscription service, and unlike previous products it does not need to be installed or even downloaded. It can be used to…

  • Create and Edit activities on any Windows or Mac computer… nothing to install
  • Assign activities to students
  • Play activities from a web browser or on the iPad
  • Track performance and usage data
  • Track progress towards IEP goals (Professional and higher) and educational standards
  • Access massive collection of Common Core pre-made and sample activities

Can activities be played on an iPad?

Yes! This is one of the most exciting aspects of Boardmaker Online! Included with your subscription is the Boardmaker Online Student Center App which you can download for free from the iTunes app store. A student with a Boardmaker Online login can see the activities assigned to them and play them on the iPad with full accessibility options available.

Can I still create new activities?

Yes! With the Online Editor, you will no longer need special software installed on your computer. Simply login to your account and select “Create Activity” and either start from scratch or start from one of hundreds of included print and interactive activity templates. Filling in those templates is as simple as click and type!

Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker Plus

Boardmaker Plus! offers all the same features as Boardmaker for creating print-based materials, but it doesn’t stop there. Transform your paper activities – and your students’ learning experience – by making your activities interactive for use on the computer with sound, animation, and video.

With Boardmaker® Plus!, you can create all of the same materials you do with Boardmaker® – practice quizzes, worksheets, schedules, books, writing activities, games and more in 44 languages. And, with Boardmaker Plus!, you can make them talk, prompt and support your students as they learn.

Boardmaker Plus! v.6 brings lessons to life. The voice, sound, animation and video capabilities help you create lively on-screen activities that engage your students and make learning fun. With its wide range of comprehensive features, you will find the right solution for every student

What’s Included

Boardmaker Plus! has all the same powerful features as Boardmaker. It includes more than 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols™ (PCS) in both color and black-and-white, which are supported in 44 languages. There are over 350 print templates and sample boards, and 600 interactive sample boards to get you started. Use them as they are, adapt them to your students’ needs, or create your own from scratch. Want even more symbols and activities? Choose from Add-ons and additional PCS designed for Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus! and Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro

Boardmaker Plus

Boardmaker Studio

Designed for Windows, Boardmaker Studio delivers your favorite Boardmaker Software Family features, like thousands of Picture Communication Symbols (PCS™) and tons of time-saving templates and samples. Boardmaker Studio includes two installs, with the ability to access the software on one computer at a time. This means you are able to install Boardmaker Studio on your computer at work, and at home, allowing you more opportunities to create individualized therapy and learning activities.

With Boardmaker Studio, you are better able to meet the needs of your students and clients thanks to a deep library of training and support materials.


Find hundreds of time-savers, like easy-to-use Studio Starter Templates and Gadgets, that mean fast solutions for you and fun-filled activities for your students.


Easy on the eyes

Boardmaker Studio boasts a design that’s efficient and straightforward, making it easy-to-use. And with a clear toolbar, obvious menus and icons, organized templates and convenient project management tools, Boardmaker Studio will be familiar to anyone who’s used a Microsoft Office program.

Connect Dashboard

A true support system

Boardmaker  Studio pulls out all of the stops to help you achieve classroom goals. And, any tool that comes with that much power, is bound to come with questions. That’s why we created Studio Connect – your gateway to the activities you’re creating with Boardmaker Studio. Studio Connect also instantly connects you with the community of Boardmaker Software Family users on!

Do Safe Care Technologies offer Workshops and Training?

Yes! Our team are more than happy to come to your school or centre and do a workshop with students, teachers, parents and therapists. Feel free to give us a call to arrange a time and date that suits you to learn about Boardmaker Software