BJ Live Environmental Control

Choose your Access Method:

Choose from a range of different remotes and controllers so that you have efficient and easy to use control of your environment. As well as programmable remotes, the Control+ and Control USB allow users to use their smartphone/tablets and Windows computers/tablets to control their home

Remotes include:

Control 6 – simple 6 button remote

Control Pro – easy to use for switch access users

Control USB – use any windows device to control environment

Control + allows integration with iOS or Android devices)


Choose what to Control

All the controllers will allow control via Infrared of devices such as TV’s, stereo’s etc. Choose from a range of receivers so you can control also other elements like doors, lights, beds, ceiling hoists, blinds, electrical appliances, alert systems, etc.

Enabler Sockets can control electrical appliances like lights, heaters, fans, kitchen appliances, stereo, etc. and with the switch output you can also activate switch adapted cameras, toys and any other devices with a switch input.

Enabler Bed is a custom-made device with 4 relays that allows controlling the up-down movements of the head and feet of a motored bed, using any of our controllers

Enabler Electric Motor is a device with 2 switched relay contacts that allows you to control two different functions of motorised elements, such as blinds, windows, curtains, screens, kitchen furniture, etc. The up & down and open & close functions of these elements can be activated using our controllers or by means of a switch.

Enabler alarm is a device that allows you to send out a warning signal using any of our controllers or the switch that best suits your needs. A family member or caregiver will receive an acoustic warning when you activate the alarm. Connect up to 4 different Enablers in different rooms and activate them all at once or just the one that you choose.

Enabler 1R-LV is a device with a switched relay contact that allows you to control different elements of your environment in a simple way. It works similar to a switch and can be activated via any of our controllers or by means of a switch. Use it to open automatic doors, control one-light circuit, activate warning signals, the doorbell, etc